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  • Why do you require a lawyer?
    You may need a lawyer for several reasons to both manage legal and business issues. Its important to have a lawyer with a good "commercial mind" who can guide you through various options. In particular: 1) What business structure to use; 2) How to mitigate the tax impact of your decisions; 3) How to ensure that other stakeholders (employees, shareholders, family members) are addressed in whatever structure or decisions you make.
  • Is a retainer required?
    Yes. Most legal files will require a small retainer. This is held in a trust account until applied against your account.
  • How much will it cost?
    We cater to all types of clients in different stages of their life-cycle. We are amenable to arrangements that involve a fixed fee provided certain conditions are met or on an hourly basis at very reasonable rates.
  • How will we communicate?
    We use any form of communication that is convenient for you. Appointments can be booked through our website.
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