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NK Law helps organizations address a range of legal, regulatory and business issues using AI driven solutions to drive costs down for our clients

Navigating Your Legal Matters with Expertise

At NKLAW PC, we harness advanced AI to offer expert legal and business guidance across key domains:

  • Innovative Financing Solutions

  • AI-Enhanced Corporate Governance

  • Automated Legal Documentation & Negotiation

  • Strategic Succession Planning


Our approach combines the latest in AI technology with the deep expertise of our legal team to provide you with forward-thinking legal solutions

General Corporate

  1. Corporate documentation
  2. Business term sheets​
  3. Strategic alliance and joint venture agreements​
  4. IP and Technology agreements​
  5. Outsourcing Agreements
Securities Law 

  • Financings  - convertible debentures and security agreements for future equity​
  • Stock option plans​
  • Annual reports and AIFs​
  • Shareholder meetings​
  • General Compliance 

  • Estate planning​
  • Corporate and individual tax compliance
  • Commodities and HST advice
  • Cross-border and international tax issues
  • Transfer pricing
Business Structuring
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Limited partnerships
  • Incorporations and maintenance
General Counsel Services

  • In-House general counsel support and project management 

Business Planning


  • Strategic planning​
  • Business plan development​
  • Financial statement preparation ​
  • Capital structuring and support










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