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General Counsel Services

Provide company counsel services to aid in any legal project, acquisition or financing initiative including to satisfy lending and due diligence requirements.

General Counsel Services
Many businesses need and would highly benefit from having access to a full-time legal resource on their staff that acts as a key business advisor, and not just a technician. Oftentimes acquiring a good in house lawyer can be an expensive, and uncertain endeavour. At NK Law, we have experience working with senior executives at reputable companies, and provide business focused, and practical approaches to problem solving, making you feel comfortable and confident about your decisions.

We understand that de-risking an enterprise cannot effectively result in the stifling of business initiatives, except perhaps in the most extreme circumstances, we help companies:

- Speed time to closure on important business deals

- Protect valuable intellectual property by engaging and working with experts in this field

- Identify and creatively solve business issues

- Avoid the financial burden of full-time legal staff

We are able to supplement the services of law firm counsel, by managing matters such as M&A, financing transactions, securities law filings, and more, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. If you are looking for legal counsel able to propose creative solutions, we invite you to contact us.
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